Public Figure ?

With over 1000 hits on my first blog, '10 Things I Didn't Know About Buying My First Home', I bear the question - is it time to change my Instagram category from Real Estate Agent to Public Figure?

So, my loyal followers (we should probably come up with a name for you - all leading public figures have them; Swifties, Beliebers, Little Monsters), if you have read both of my blog posts to date, you have invested in 100% of my blogging career. That's a big deal. And I want that type of consistency to continue. What do you want from a Real Estate blogger?

I want to write what you want to read. I want to share my experiences with you, as a sales consultant, a buyer's agent, a homeowner, dog lover, Auckland traffic hater. But most importantly, I want this blog to be something you can turn to at the end of the week knowing you're not going to be bombarded with lifeless information that you can find on plenty of websites and other blogs (Is it too soon to be bagging out other blogs?). Instead, I want this to be lighthearted, where I share my first-hand experience with you, just like two mates sharing a coffee (or a beer, depending on the time of day) where one friend does all the talking, and the other just sits there quietly, nods politely and smiles at the right times.

For this to work, we need to be honest with each other. So from now on, at this time (it's 5 pm) every Sunday night, I will post my latest blog. I know what you're thinking - it's already past 5 pm and this is only week two. But, just like any other mate, there will be times where I'll be late, times where I'll be early, days where we might need to reschedule and occasionally I might even have a lame excuse as to why I might not turn up at all. But as the good friend you are, you'll be forgiving and understanding. There will also be times where I will bring a new friend for you to meet, who should add something new, and a differing opinion to mine, so that could be fun, right?

On all the blogging research that I have done (, I have learned that it's important to keep blogs relatively short and to the point, so I'll wrap this up. If you do have positive or constructive feedback or an idea, send me an email at or alternatively if you have negative, downgrading comments - I think us public figures call you 'trolls' - send your emails to

See you next week. Same time (give or take), same place.

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